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Hey all!

On behalf of Strobe Interactive, I'm just making a post to let you all know that our estimate for when Attacking the Tower will be ready to launch has changed.

The planned release date for Attacking the Tower has unfortunately been delayed beyond Late 2021. While there is still a chance of a 2021 release, finishing the game this year is no longer our goal. We understand that this will be disappointing news to some of our fans, and we apologize. However, we want you all to know that delaying Attacking the Tower’s release will allow us to make the game even bigger and better than it could ever be if we forced a release for this year.

We all came together recently to discuss the game’s final release. We realized that staying committed to the current plan for release, Late 2021, would only work if we crunch to fill in the remaining gaps and rush as quickly as possible just to push the game out on time. But we know that doing so would deal grave damage to the game. If we rushed to finish Attacking the Tower this year, we wouldn’t have the time necessary to make it what we’ve always dreamed of since the project’s inception. Details would be missing, and many scenes would have to be cut. We simply wouldn’t have time to ensure the game is consistently faithful to the original games throughout, and we would have to release something that wouldn’t satisfy us at all. If we rushed, Attacking the Tower upon release would be unfinished, and unremarkable.

No developer ever wants to delay their game. But for us, especially after the success of the trailer, it would hurt us even more to release a game that fails to live up to the community’s expectations. We believe that the best thing for us and the game is to take our time with development so that we can follow through with the promises we’ve already made, and release something fully complete that everyone can enjoy to the fullest and remember for years to come. To accomplish that goal, Attacking the Tower’s release will likely have to be delayed to 2022.

At the end of the day, Strobe Interactive is only a group of fans just like all of you, not a company, and none of us are professionals. Still, we strive to make Attacking the Tower the best it can be, and have fun doing so - that’s the whole point! The last thing we want to do is let ourselves and the community down by publishing an unfinished game, so instead, we’re taking our time from here on out so everyone can benefit in the end.

Thank you all for understanding, and enjoy the rest of your day.


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